Serpent have introduced differential foam inserts for the Serpent Cobra SRX8. Serpent’s designer Billy Easton applied this new idea, which is a standard feature in the Cobra SRX8 diffs already. The differential case is designed in such way that it can hold a good quantity of oil, so its does not overheat easily, and the case seals really well. In the differential case Billy Easton integrated additional 8 holes which are open on the inside so the oil can get in and out. Inside these holes you can mount 8 pieces of harder foam, which need to be massaged in oil before assembly.

Website: Serpent

When the differential gets hotter, especially in longer runs, the oil will expand and the pressure in the diffcase increases. The foam inserts will be compressed and will reduce the pressure in the differential and retain good and stable diff action. The differentials feature slightly curved toothing on the springsteel main gears and pinions for a smoother and more efficient drive and the drive-cups are lightened springsteel version for durability.

cobra-srx8-diff_2 cobra-srx8-diff_3