Schelle have introduced two new option parts for the TLR 22 3.0: rear camber block and titanium 7mm motor screws. First up is the rear camber block more durable and easier to adjust. The Schelle 2 piece design does away with the plastic inserts and over-sized design of the kit parts, and replaces them with a sleek base and durable upper 2 piece design that is adjustable with ballstud shims between the base and upper block. The 2 clamping screws which secure the mount are easily accessible from above, not obstructed by the shock tower.

Website: Schelle

Rear camber block features:

  • Easy vertical ballstud adjustment with standard ballstud washers.
  • Billet aluminum, black or gun metal anodized and laser etched with Schelle logo.
  • Durable 6mm thickness upper mount.
  • Fine tune +/- 2.5mm inboard pivot position. Use +2.5 longer link for high-grip, use -2.5 short position for faster rotation and more steering on tight tracks.
  • Includes instruction card. *Standard height with 0 washers between upper and base is equal to the “-1” position using TLR kit inserts.asked and Schelle listened.


Next up are the titanium 7mm motor screws. Schelle quality 7mm titanium screws and machined washers help hold your R/C motor secure. With a deep 2mm hex head, they aren’t prone to stripping like lower cost kit screws. The machined washers help spread out the surface area to hold your motor secure without gouging the face of your motor plate.

  • 7mm length, an extra 1mm longer than most kits, won’t strip the motor can threads. The perfect motor screws.
  • Uses 2mm Hex driver, tight fitting and deep hex design.
  • Black anodized washers included.
  • Fully Machined, Made from durable Grade 5 Titanium Alloy. Won’t rust or seize like a steel screw.

SCH1122_11 SCH1122_1