Exotek carbon fiber bottom plate xb2

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Exotek have introduced new option parts for the XRAY XB2 usable on both Dirt and Carpet Edition. Starting with a 2.5mm lightweight carbon fiber bottom plate USA made. Quasi weave construction insures proper stiffness and all carbon fiber construction makes this chassis only 84 grams, 42 grams lighter than stock.

The next part is an aluminum alloy steering plate. Machined from reinforced alloy the ball link mount position has been raised to reduce the bump steer of the stock piece without the need of added spacers under the plate such as the stock piece. Built in machined ‘shims’ makes installation easier by further reducing the parts count (no seperate tiny shims to lose).

Finally comes an aluminum front camber/roll center mount. Machined 7075 alloy it has extra machining to reduce weight but with reinforced alloy construction for trouble free performance. The alloy steering plate and the front camber/roll center mount are polished and anodised in factory black or orange colour.

Exotek carbon fiber bottom plate xb2-1 exotek steering plate xb2 exotek steering plate xb2-1 exotek steering plate xb2-2 Exotek front camber-roll center mount xb2-1 Exotek front camber-roll center mount xb2 Exotek front camber-roll center mount xb2-2