Schelle Onyx bearings1

Racers asked and Schelle listened. After many requests for $1.00 spare bearings, Schelle was able to work out a deal for their new $10 10-packs of bearings. Schelle can offer their higher cost premium bearings for $1.00 each if they sell them in higher quantities. Used to win ROAR National Championships, Onyx bearings are the ideal bearings for rebuilds or spares. Available in popular sizes for 1/8th and 1/10th vehicles by Team Associated, TLR, Mugen, and Kyosho.

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Schelle Racing Innovations Onyx series bearings are precision manufactured to ABEC-3 standards and built to reduce drag. They are lubed with premium Japanese Kyodo Yushi grease. Onyx bearings have a lower starting torque which results in more power to the ground and longer run times. In addition, the split seal configuration gives the protection of the rubber seal against dirt on 1 side, and the reduced drag of the metal shield on the second side. Ideal replacements for kit or RTR bearings.

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