Danish Nats Rd3 podium 2wd


3rd Danish Nationals was held at the Viborg RC outdoor track. Some new to the track was a table top with 2 steps down just in front of the 3x double jumps, this made the flow on the track very good, but also the key to go very fast was in this section. In the 2wd class Frederik Hovgaard will take the TQ. The finals will be close between Jesper Rasmussen and Hovgaard. Nevertheless, Rasmussen will manage to win A1 and A2 and get the overall win.

Overall standings in the 2wd:

  1. Jesper Rasmussen – Associated
  2. Mike Gosvig – XRAY XB2
  3. Kim Nielsen – Schumacher
  4. Frederik Hovgaard – Yokomo – TQ
  5. Marcus Kærup- Associated
  6. Jonas Kærup – Associated
  7. Kent Hansen – Schumacher
  8. Mathias Skaarup – Schumacher

Danish Nats Rd3 podium 4wd

In the 4wd class, after some mistakes in Q1 and Q2, Gosvig had a lot of pressure to take the TQ in the third round. In the last round XRAY driver will make no mistakes to take a very convincing TQ round, in front of Rasmussen and Frederik Hovgaard. In the first two mains, Gosvig was able to pull away and he will win both finals and so the overall win. In the first main and Gosvig was the only driver on 19 laps.

Standings After the main:

  1. Mike Gosvig – XRAY XB4 – TQ
  2. Jepser Rasmussen – Associated
  3. Frederik Hovgaard – Yokomo
  4. Anders Aagard – XRAY XB4
  5. Mathias Skaarup – Schumacher
  6. Rune Gustavsen – XRAY XB4
  7. Marcus Kærup – Associated
  8. Tommy Udesen – XRAY XB4