Exotek 22 3 suspension hangers 1

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Exotek have introduced new option parts for the TLR 22 3.0. Start with the front and rear HD “LRC” steel suspension hangers. They are made of black coated steel and matches the stock geometry. Steel is heavier than the stock parts and lowers the centre of gravity which increases the stability and improves durability to resist bending at the thin skid plate section. Then come the heavy duty 7075 alloy wing mounts polished, laser etched and anodized in black. Extra durable but perfectly machined to be lightweight and uses two M3 screws (not included, 2x M3x8csk and wing buttons are needed) to securely mount your wing instead of body clips. Works with the stock wing spacer. New wing is required in order to add smaller 3mm holes.

Exotek 22 3 suspension hangers Exotek 22 3 suspension hangers 2 Exotek 22 3 wing mounts Exotek 22 3 wing mounts 1