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With the dust hardly settled on Kyosho’s rather of their Inferno MP9 TKI4 buggy, it’s no secret that Yuichi Kanai has been racking up the air miles travelling to and from Las Vegas – continually testing in preparation for the Worlds in October, the programme perhaps accelerated after an unflattering result at the Worlds warm up, Kyosho chasing as 9th World Championship in 1/8 Offroad, however currently enduring a barren 4-year spell having last won in 2010, the pressure is on Kanai and the TKI4 to deliver in Sin City.

Conspicuously absent from the Worlds warm up was Kanai, and test session afterwards, Kyosho’s frontman opting to attend a ‘quieter’ event – the Nevada state championships last weekend, with Cody King and Colin Herzig both there as well, it would seem Kanai travelled with new parts, a new front shock tower, and front upper arm mount, clear from the lack of anodizing – We understand these prototype parts will offer slightly different positions to the stock TKI4 tower and mount.

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