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Schelle Spec kits let racers deck out a B5M, T5M, or SC5M with a full array of Schelle options. A $135.00 retail value, yours for $85.00 when purchased as a Schelle Spec kit. 7 quality items included:

  1. B5M Aluminum Rear Hubs ($44.50 retail)
  2. B5M 3-Gear Vented Motor Plate ($15.00 retail)
  3. B5M Aluminum C Mount ($19.00 retail)
  4. B5M Aluminum D Mount ($20.00 retail)
  5. C Mount Inserts ($6.00 retail)
  6. B5M Aluminum Ballstud Mount ($19.00 retail)
  7. B5M Carbon Fiber Battery Strap ($16.00 retail)

These parts fit any B5M Factory Lite, T5M, and SC5M with 3-Gear transmission. The rear hubs will carry over if you upgrade to a B6D. If you want the 4-Gear motor plate kit option for T5M or SC5M , add a note in order comments “include 4-Gear motor plate”. This is a Limited Edition, get one before the deal is gone!

Secondly is the B5M 0.5mm Offset Steering Bushing. The 0.5mm-Up setting was requested by many team drivers as their go-to, so Schelle have made this special set of bushings to get the hot setup without using any shims/washers. Great for your T5M and SC5M as well, Schelle recommend the 0.5-Down position for trucks.

SCH1011_3 SCH1012_4 SCH1012_3 SCH1218_1