RDRP 4XS aluminium chassis 3

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Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced a new aluminium chassis for the Carisma 4XS 4wd Buggy. This new chassis improves flex characteristics and makes the car a lot stiffer compared the standard carbon fiber chassis, which helps especially on high-grip surfaces like astroturf or carpet. The high-quality 7075-T6 aluminium chassis also lowers the overall center of gravity, which is another improvement on high-grip tracks. Also incorporated into the design of the chassis is an additional forward mounted battery location to increase steering, but also to improve overall weight bias and handling of the car. Made in Germany and limited to 50pcs only, it is exclusively available here.

RDRP 4XS aluminium chassis 2 RDRP 4XS aluminium chassis RDRP 4XS aluminium chassis 1