exotek rear:front brass suspension holder

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Exotek have introduced new rear/rear aluminum and rear/front brass suspension holders for the XRAY XB2 Carpet Edition and Dirt Edition. The extra heavy duty rear/rear suspension holder is machined from 7075 alloy to minimize weight and then polished and anodised black. Exotek have added rear facing material to the rear hanger for greater durability against cracked hangers and angled the bottom leading edge to reduce dirt build up at the hinge pin. The rear/front suspension holder is machined brass with protective black coating. It quickly adds 18 grams of weight to the rear of the XB2 at the most ideal location for improved rear traction and stability. Both Exotek parts retain the stock geometry.

exotek rear:front brass suspension holder 1 exotek rear:front brass suspension holder 2 exotek rear:rear aluminum suspension holder exotek rear:rear aluminum suspension holder 2