AVID have introduced the Triad direct drive set for B5M and TLR22 that allows stock racers to remove the entire clutch assembly for conditions where the driver feels having less rotating mass and zero slip except from the differential is beneficial. When AVID saw that they could offer an improved version from what is currently on the market, they introduced the lightest direct drive unit available today. They accomplished this by removing all the plates and pads as well as the steel spring with a minimalist design done in aluminum. The direct drive plate is hard anodized for strength and the direct drive post is gutted for weight removal for a grand total of 0.8g. Some stock drivers have found benefits using the system due to the removal of rotating mass. The Triad direct drive works with the wide range of Triad spur gears. Includes direct drive plate, post, M4 aluminum nut, and decal.

TRIADDirectDrive_View1 TRIADDirectDrive_View2 TRIADDirectDrive_FrontView