french nats rd3 top 3 4wd


Race report by Lorenzo Crolla:

This weekend the 3rd round of French Nationals was held in Mutzig at astro track. This was the first race on this type of surface for me. We had a nice sunny weather with high temperatures and a lot of grip. I tried a lot of different settings on both cars during the free practice and found a perfect set-up that made me confident going into the qualifications.

In 2wd I won the first two qualification runs but due to some problems the Q3 and Q4 didn’t go as planned. In 5th qualification I had a great battle with Nico Risser who took the TQ at the end. 4wd qualification was a bit more complicated for me. Making too many mistakes I finished 2nd in Q1 and Q2 and 3rd in Q3. Luckily, Sunday morning I was able to win the Q4 and Q5 and TQ this class in front of Armand Lanthaume. Finals were all about not making mistakes. In a close racing I won both classes.

4wd Final Result:

  1. Lorenzo Crolla – XRAY XB4’16
  2. Armand Lanthaume – XRAY XB4’16
  3. Nico Risser – XRAY XB4’16
  4. Alexandre Beauquier – XRAY XB4’16
  5. Mathieu Briere – XRAY XB4’16
  6. Jean-Pierrick Sartel
  7. Julien Formentin
  8. Sylvain Gallo Selva
  9. Julian Ferrandis
  10. Clement Boda
  11. Mickael Villa – XRAY XB4’16
  12. Cedric Didier – XRAY XB4’16

french nats rd3 top 3 2wd

2wd Final Result: 

  1. Lorenzo Crolla – XRAY XB2
  2. Nico Risser – XRAY XB2
  3. Mathieu Briere – XRAY XB2
  4. Armand Lanthaume – XRAY XB2
  5. Sylvain Gallo Selva
  6. Jean-Pierrick Sartel
  7. Julien Formentin
  8. Olivier De Montfumat
  9. Mathieux Chaffardon Bobby
  10. Julien Parnot
  11. Nicolas Rodriguez – XRAY XB2
  12. Kevin Seysen