With raindrops eventually arriving towards the end of the second semi final, it continued to shower during the buildup to the main final, and with only a few minutes left, the decision was taken via consulting the main finalists not to run the final due to the wet track and potential hazards to marshals as well as ruining of equipment / transmitters. A couple of drivers looked like they might fancy a race of attrition however with several days of practice looming the prospect of a total rebuild wasn’t high on many drivers’ agendas, afterall they are all here to learn and gather data – not really to race… but prepare for the Worlds in October.

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The end result based on the starting lineup sees victory handed to Ty Tessmann, ultimately a justified victory albeit by default, the raindrops coming 10mins too early for Ronnefalk in the 2nd semi, nevertheless, HB complete their showing at the event with a dominant 1,2 of qualifying and the main final, Ryan Maifield handed 3rd overall after a great battle with Tessmann in the first semi.

wwu final