The penultimate round of qualifying witnessed a predictable final result, but the track here at the 2016 Worlds warm up is anything but predictable, the World’s best drivers struggling with the bumps, ruts and tricky constant evolution of the track over the course of a 10 min run as it starts out damp and drys over the course of 16+ laps.

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Friday’s photo gallery


Whilst the top heat saw Tessmann speed away, Ronnefalk threatened but far too many mistakes crept into his run, Jared Tebo rightfully had a huge smile on his face as he headed to watch Arena cross tonight, disappointingly seeding into the ‘B’ qualifier (by his standards), Tebo upped his game overnight and put in very consistent runs, Ryan Cavalieri had a rough start to qualifying but put any woes behind him netting 2nd in Q4, however deja vu as Alex Zanchettin yet again continues to climb – from 13th in Q2, to 7th in Q3 to 4th in Q4.

Q4 Result

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