As per the script, Ty Tessmann starts on pole for the hour-long final here at the Worlds warm up in Las Vegas, it wasn’t all his own way in the half-hour semi as a 20-lap long battle with Ryan Maifield put on a show for fans but ultimately despite a couple of lead changes it was Ty who walked away with it, in the 2nd semi Ronnefalk had it all his own way until mother nature interferred slowing his run for pole, he had the pace with Maifield and Tessmann battling but a couple of light showers slowed down the track, the end result, the starting lineup alternating between A and B semis.

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A-Main Nitro Buggy Starting line up

1 Tessmann, Ty
2 Ronnefalk, David
3 Maifield, Ryan
4 Cavalieri, Ryan
5 Phend, Dakotah
6 Savoya, Renaud
7 McBride, Kyle
8 Zanchettin, Alex
9 Rivkin, Spencer
10 Drake, Adam
11 Takashiro, Wataru
12 Tebo, Jared