The final qualifier at the Worlds warm up ran on Saturday morning and David Ronnefalk ensured it was a HB whitewash of qualifying as he TQ’d infront of Ryan Cavalieri with already-crowned TQ man Ty Tessmann in 8th. Spencer Rivkin found some pace in 3rd whilst Jared Tebo put in another consistent run in 4th.

Q5 Results

1)David Ronnefalk16/10:04.030 (R5)
2)Ryan Cavalieri16/10:09.959 (R5)
3)Spencer Rivkin16/10:10.392 (R5)
4)Jared Tebo16/10:10.604 (R5)
5)Ryan Maifield16/10:10.969 (R5)
6)Elliott Boots16/10:11.901 (R5)
7)Dakotah Phend16/10:12.647 (R5)
8)Ty Tessmann16/10:15.414 (R5)
9)Kyle McBride16/10:15.887 (R5)
10)Mike Truhe16/10:15.903 (R5)
11)Darren Bloomfield16/10:16.912 (R5)
12)Robert Batlle16/10:19.461 (R5)
13)Adam Drake16/10:19.954 (R5)
14)Yannick Aigoin16/10:21.453 (R5)
15)Wataru Takashiro16/10:22.663 (R5)