Danish Nats Rd2 podium buggy

Race report of the 2nd round of the Danish Nationals by Pelle Culmsee:

I came to the track saturday morning for getting my Orion powered HB car ready for the morning practice, I had some 3d printet parts on my car. But just when I rolled out of the pit my car flipt and the parts where broken, so not much practice for me that day. The first qualify went okay, but I made to many mistakes so I got a 3 place in that round, next round I broke a rear axle so a DNF, next round I made really manny mistakes so I got a 5 place. Last round of qualifying when I was heating my engine up it sounded strange from my gearbox so I never came out running.

Results after qualifying:

  1. TQ Peter Harder HB
  2. Jan D. Hansen
  3. Steffen Culmsee
  4. Mike kjærgaard
  5. Søren Hempel HB
  6. Tim Culmsee
  7. Pelle Culmsee HB
  8. Ole Harder HB
  9. Jesper Lund
  10. Christian schat.

I got a second place in my semi, so I had p3 for the start of the final. I had a great start battling with my dad and Peter for 1 place. I past my dad after 3 laps but Peter where gone at that moment, but he made some mistakes and I got through then I could pull away and win with 2 laps down was to 2 place.

Danish Nats Rd2 podium truggy


My car was pretty good in the practice round so I wouldn’t change anything for the qualifications. I TQ the first round but my car missed a little bit of steering so for the next round I changet from Pro-Lines Blockade to Lockdowns x3 my car was better so I could TQ roud 2 and 3 for the overall TQ. In round 4 me and Parick Folman (my mechanic) decided to change something in the car to get even more steering and that workt I could TQ again with a faster time then before.

  1. TQ. Pelle Culmsee HB
  2. Robert Gustafsson
  3. Magnus Frandsen
  4. Jan D. Hansen
  5. Silas Høgholt HB
  6. Steffen Culmsee
  7. Peter Harder
  8. Nikolai Lamberts
  9. Daniel Rose
  10. Henning Warner

For the semi final I was trying Lockdow x4 to get even more steering, at the start my car was a little hard to drive but it got better and I could win with a 30 sec. gap.

I had P1 for the final but I made a mistakebefore a jump and I was 3. After 5 laps I was in the lead again, but 2 min before my first pitstop a stone hit my flywheel and stopped my car so I last like 1.5 lap. But after 5 minutes I was in the lead again, but I have to pit one time more because we lost a pitstop with the flamout so after my last pistop Nikolai lost 9 seconds on the last 2 laps and 2 corners left I could overtake him and win the race.