Bruno Coelho EOS


Race report by Bruno Coelho:

Last weekend, we headed to the last EOS race of this season, in Nurburgring Germany, with only one thought in mind. We needed to win. The XB4 behaved so well throughout the entire season, there was never a track that the car didn’t felt comfortable and for me the only way to make this car any justice would be adding the EOS series to the World Championship. 
My XB4 was perfect from minute 1, and I manage to get TQ, which early secured the goal for this race. And once that goal was secure, we could relax and simply enjoy how much fun this car is to drive. I’m super happy and proud with the win in this race and also for the overall results we were able to achieve for this car.

I want to say thank you and congratulations to Martin Bayer for all his effort and dedication put on the development and work of the XRAY XB4. This result was only possible because of him. I want also to say thank you to the XRAY family, for all the support during this season. Also congratulations to all the XRAY drivers for the amazing results we managed to obtain together, and I hope to see all of you and more next season.

1/10 4wd results:

  1. Bruno Coelho – XRAY XB4
  2. Lee Martin
  3. Martin Wollanka – XRAY XB4
  4. Michal Orlowski
  5. Jorn Neumann
  6. Yannic Prumper – XRAY XB4
  7. Hupo Honigl – XRAY XB4
  8. Kaito Kodera
  9. Malin Karlsen – XRAY XB4
  10. Spencer Rivkin