reversed plate TLR22 3.0

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Exotek Racing have introduced several optional parts for the TLR 22 3.0. Start with the reversed plate for the new TLR22 3.0 3 gear transmission. In the highly competitive world of indoor off-road racing the secret to finishing strong is keeping your motor temperatures in check. Now with our 100% cnc machined vented motor plates you can keep your motor running cooler and longer for that extra edge. Aggressive cut outs allows the heat that builds up inside the gear cover to vent out thus lowering overall motor temps greatly. The extra machining reduces the weight (and CG) down to 14gr but the critical motor mounting areas are still intact to maintain solid motor mounting and gear mesh. This motor plate is designed for use on indoor clay track or carpet environments.

Next the ‘Flite’ titanium 12mm front hex axle set. At only 3.25 grams per pair, these axles reduces the rotational mass as well as unsprung weight over the stock axles. Almost as strong as steel but nearly half the weight and not easily bent as the aluminum axles. Rounded and angled hex profile makes wheel installation extra quick and easy. Finally comes the stealthy black steel heavy duty shock posts for the TLR 22 range of vehicles. They are available by pair and includes 4 black locknuts.

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