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LRP have announced that the UK frontrunner Elliott Boots continues with the German brand. Elliott will use LiPo batteries, chargers and nitro-accessories come from LRP and Sanwa transmitters. Elliott has following to say:

“The LRP 7000 Big Mama CCL LiPo batterie is the first choice for my Kyosho MP9 E. It has enormous power and is perfect even for long races with extreme conditions. I was able to win two BRCA E-Buggie Nationals as well as TQ and win the Italien Job Race at the beginning of 2016 with these batteries. For my 1:10 buggy I always use the LRP 5500 Saddle Pack CCL LiPo battery or the LRP 4500 Shorty CCL LiPo battery. A strong duo with infinite power that helped me very much at the WC 2015 in Japan.”

And in British style Elliott uses a stick type radio:

“My favorite is the new Sanwa Exzes-ZZ. I already use Sanwa radios for years. They always satisfy me with high confidence, perfect feeling and low weight which is very important for long races.” SRG BZX Type R Servos are the partners in all of Elliotts cars. “Those servos are fast and reliable. Good looking high quality.”