The Kuwait Science Club held its second endurance race last Friday on the RCCCK track. Ten teams have participated in this race while each team consisted of tow to three drivers, each participant had to race for an equal time with his team member during the 3 hours long endurance race. A 5 minutes qualifier took place prior to start the 3 hours long race, this was to place all teams in the grid start based on their best lap time during this qualification where Chabrat Alkethra TQed the race.

The endurance race started smoothly and Chabrat Alkethra led the race for 1h followed by Team Murphys Law where in The Joker was in third. After then, Alkethra had to retire from the race for a while due to a mechanical issue which gave the advantage to Murphys to take the lead followed by The Joker. The race saw a great battle for the lead between The Joker and Murphys then they were switching positions for couple of times, Murphys suffered from a flame out and this gave the chance to Joker to take the lead from then and cruised to the to win the race.