Q2 and a similar story in the top 2 as Cavalieri and Lutz lead the charge with only tenths separating the pair, Lutz lead the way for a few laps as Cav chipped away at the lead, at points during the top heat, only hundredths of a second seperating the two frontrunners with Elliott Boots moving up to third from 5th in Q1, whilst Jared Tebo suffered a very poor run not making it into the top 15, whilst Davide Ongaro continues to impress climbing up to 6th whilst Cody King improved from 7th to 5th as did Lee Martin up to 7th from 14th.

Results: Nitro Q2 | Nitro Standings after Q2 | E-Buggy Q2 | E-Buggy Standings after Q2

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