v_podium MIO


Last weekend was held the last MIO race at the Model Indoor Oss facility in the Netherlands. Oliver Speith will take the TQ in the 2WD class in front of Jarno Pijpers. The 1st final Jarno finished in 1st place after a tight race with Oliver. In the last round Oliver and Jarno are crashed at the same jump. Two marshals came but the marshal of Oliver’s car turned the car again on the roof. In the 2nd final Jarno finished 2nd behind Oliver. The 3rd final was very important, Jarno must finish in front of Oliver if he wants to win the race. But Jarno pushed too much and crashed 2 times. He took the second place overall and the fastest lap with a lap in 19,305. Oliver won the race ahead jarno and Nigel V Katwijk.