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In an effort to meet the growing demand for PR Racing products here in the USA, PR Racing America is pleased to announce we are partnering with Bellgate Distributors in order to make the popular PR Racing Vehicles and parts more readily available than ever! Bellgate Distributors, run by Richard O’Hara, has been in business for many years and has a very strong and reliable business structure which will serve the growing interest of Hobby Dealers and PR Racing Consumers nationwide.

Hobby Pro USA, headed by Andrew Smolnik, will continue to offer Customer Support, Product Development, Team Management and much more through the HP Headquarters in Southern California. Hobby Pro will also continue to offer high quality accessories and option parts for PR Racing and other popular 10th scale racing brands.

With RTR’s and much more around the corner, PR Racing has you covered with some of the highest quality racing products in the Industry.

Dealer Inquiries can be sent to: Sales@BellgateDistributors.com
Customer Service inquiries to: Andrew@HobbyProUSA.com