Last weekend saw Singapore holding its first ever Offroad Indoor Carpet Event, aptly named ICE at the nation’s famous Science Centre. Organized by the offroad specialists from RaceWorks, ICE2016’s registration was full with over 60 racers registered to run in 3 classes , 2wd Open, 4wd Open and a Junior under-12 race. ICE2016 was run on a custom-built ICE2016 carpet track and saw all racers running on the new track with a new layout on new tires for the first time. These conditions, coupled with a strict no-additive rule, made for an incredibly fair and exciting race.

2wd Open Buggy.

Practice and qualifying saw racers clocking faster laptimes with every round as setups were tuned and the handout SWEEP Nonslip tires started to wear in and generate more grip. Topping the table on 2 of the 3 qualifying runs, Mark “BC” Lim would take a convincing TQ position with his PR RACING S1v3 buggy with Vincent Yong in second and Jeremy Hong qualifying third.

The finals would be a totally different story with TQ “BC” sitting out – which saw Vincent Yong taking A1 and A2 for the early win despite strong challenges from Bobby and Jeremy respectively. An early pile-up in A3 allowed Mantoyolz to move from fifth on the grid all the way up to first where he would lead the race and win the leg – giving him a well-deserved third place on the podium behind second place Jeremy Hong.

2wd A-Main Final Results:

  1. Vincent Yong
  2. Jeremy Hong
  3. Mantoyolz
  4. Bobby
  5. Thomas Teo
  6. Smith Kek
  7. Fazly
  8. Alan Chia
  9. Terence Low
  10. Mark “BC” Lim (TQ)


4wd Open Buggy.

The 4WD class saw lightning fast lap times on the consistent carpet surface. Setting the pace early in qualifying would be Dennis Chiang in his Yokomo YZ-4 buggy. Topping each of the 3 qualifying runs with 21-lap runs of almost identical 5:02 laptimes, he would be the undisputed TQ with his team mates Jeremy Hong and Mark “BC” Lim for a Yokomo 1-2-3 on the A-Main grid.

The finals was an exciting affair with TQ Dennis and second qualifier Jeremy putting on great driving displays, constantly swapping leads in both A1 and A2. With Jeremy taking the win in A1 and Dennis in A2, all eyes were on A3 to see who would ultimately be crowned champ. In a fitting finish to the thrilling race weekend, the battle between the two cars would see Danial Miswan in car 6 to sneak by them both late in the race and take A3 followed by Dennis and Jeremy – handing Dennis the overall win with Jeremy in second and Danial taking third.

4wd A-Main Final Results:

  1. Dennis Chiang (TQ)
  2. Jeremy Hong
  3. Danial Miswan
  4. Roy
  5. Fadzil
  6. Thomas Teo
  7. Danny Png
  8. Terence Low
  9. Mark “BC” Lim
  10. Janson Seow