Bruno Coelho shares with you all the details about his XB4 he used to win the World Championship as well explains which option parts he uses and what effect they have.

“Here is list of all option parts I have used on my XB4’16 in Japan to win the World Championship, and in this configuration I ran all the races since that (including the last EOS which I was able to win as well). If you want to run a car in the same configuration as mine, check out these XRAY option parts and how they can help you.” – Bruno Coelho

335030 – Steel Diff Gears
335080 – Diff Pins
These parts help the car to accelerate more smoothly and give an improved feeling when you hit the throttle after landing jumps.

365471-K – Alu Drive Shaft Safety Collar
I use this part to maximize safety; it is a “must have” option part.

363111-G – Graphite Arm Rear Right 
363121-G – Graphite Arm Rear Left 
362112-G – Graphite Arm Front
Ever since I tried the graphite suspension parts, I have never used anything else. The graphite parts allow me to attain maximum cornering speed, and they make the car much more stable and easier to control. But be aware… if you crash a lot, the hard composite arms will be better for you as they last longer with harder impacts.

362478 – Anti-Roll Bar 1.8mm
Since I usually run in high-traction conditions, I use usually use this anti-roll bar. However, depending on the track conditions I may choose either a stiffer or softer bar. So I suggest getting a full set of the anti-roll bars to adjust the set-up as necessary.

363351 – Alu Rear Upright Right 
363352 – Alu Rear Upright Left
The alu uprights are not only stronger but they add stability of the car and improve the rotation of the car in corners. These are “must have” parts for high-traction conditions.

365356 – Alu Wheel Hub 12mm – Offset +1.50mm 
365357 – Alu Wheel Hub 12mm – Offset +2.25mm
The off-set wheel hubs make the car more wider and more stable, but I change the offset as necessary depending on track conditions. Make sure to have the entire range of offset wheel hubs so you can experiment, and find which ones work best for your track.

362234 – Alu C-hub 12° Right 
362244 – Alu C-hub 12° Left
I always use the alu C-hubs in high-traction conditions to make the car easier to drive and get higher speeds into corners.

361178 – Graphite Rear Chassis Brace 2.2mm
This chassis brace reinforces the chassis and makes the flex stiffer, which helps the car rotate faster in corners.

362573 – Alu Steering Plate
With the various Ackermann positions on the alu steering plate, you can adjust the steering characteristics to your liking. With the alu steering plate, I feel the car is more precise going into corners and chicanes.

362580 – Graphite Steering Brace 2.0mm
I like this small graphite piece as it makes the front of the car a little bit more flexible, and the car generates a bit more frontward traction.

365200 – ECS Front Drive Shaft 81mm
Ever since the first day I tested the ECS drive shafts for the XB4, I use them all the time for all track conditions. The vibration-free operation of the drive shafts and the equalized cornering speed makes driving through the corners so much smoother as if the car drives itself. This is one of my favourite option parts, and I recommend it to everyone for all different traction conditions.

366220 – Independent Servo Mount
I recommend this part to everyone, regardless of the track conditions you run in. The independent servo mount ensures there is no unwanted flex from the servo, and the increase flex gives a little bit more traction.

369704 – XRAY XB4 Body Lightweight
I strongly recommend this lighter body, as it makes the car roll less in high-traction conditions. However, it is only better if you do not crash too much; if you still crash a lot, the standard body will last much longer for you.

And that’s it. I hope I have helped you with sharing my current XB4 configuration and remember if you need any help please do not hesitate to contact me either at the races or online. I am active and answer questions at: XRAY forumXRAY XB2 Facebook group & XRAY XB4 Facebook group and of course follow me at my social media accounts (Facebook & Twitter).