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Schelle Racing has introduced Nova centric drive plates and spring adapter. After months of testing, racing and development at SDRC Top Gun, Winter Midwest Champs and the 2016 Reedy Race, the next generation Nova Centric drive plates are now available. In testing, drivers noticed the Nova centric plates provide more instant punch for short-takeoff jumps while still maintaining the smooth throttle and brake feel the Nova is known for. The Nova centric drive plates is machined from aluminum and black hard-anodized.

The Nova Centric plates remove the washer stack from the Nova design with a detailed self-centering milled slot in the center of the plate. In addition to self-centering, the new plates have 6 vent holes in a swirl pattern to help cool the system as well as catch debris as the pads wear. It fits all existing Nova Clutch applications for B5M, T5M, SC5M, TLR 22 family, Kyosho RB6 family of cars and trucks.
 Lastly for the TLR drivers, the Losi Nova spring adapter is a precision fit over the 2.5mm threaded topshaft to give a perfectly concentric fit to slipper spring. Red anodized aluminum for a touch of flare.

SCH1317_2 SCH1314_2