REDS R5T Team Edition V4.0 neo

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After the launch of REDS R7 Evoke V3.0, REDS Racing are pleased to announce the release of the new R5T Team Edition V4.0 Tuned by M.Rossi. The New REDS R5TTE V4.0 is the perfect synthesis of innovation and technology and excels in high bite conditions and tracks that require that little extra on the bottom end of the powerband.

The engine is loaded with new features for 2016. REDS has introduced new sealing on both engines to help keep dirt away from the redesigned internals, a new lightweight combustion chamber, lightweight crankcase and redesigned crankshaft create a lower working center of gravity. REDS has also added a new GEN2 venturi for improved mileage and tunability.

The R5T Team Edition represents our highest performance 3.5 cc off-road engine. It boasts state-of-the-art technology to further improve fuel mileage, performance and reliability.  Click here to see all details.

REDS R5T Team Edition V4.05REDS R5T Team Edition V4.01REDS R5T Team Edition V4.02REDS R5T Team Edition V4.06REDS R5T Team Edition V4.03REDS R5T Team Edition V4.04