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It didn’t take a genius to figure out that Kyosho would hit 2016 with an update to their 1/8 nitro buggy line, back ordered on AMain Hobbies for ages…  The update comes not for a lack of winning though, the Kyosho MP9 TKI3
in the hands of the Red Samurai team has proven it’s worth since release.

Indeed, whilst diminutive in stature, one can sense towering zeal from figurehead Kanai – continuing to ensure his car leads as a benchmark … not follows.

The gossip wires starting glowing red hot with the news that Kanai attended the recent Sin City Nitro Encounter at the future Worlds host track in Las Vegas, Nevada – a novel event, popularised by the N.American Pros as they look to rack up as much laptime as they can before October. Running with visible new bits teasing us tentatively, however like a certain fruit-inspired tech company, the eyes are always on them, any scent or morsel of news seeming like Kyosho click-bait.


The MP9 TKI4 is here to further extend the life of the battle-hardened MP9 platform – an unparalleled success, the fact that it has only a single World title (King) to its name; a crying shame – perhaps the 4x Tebo-won Neo Race titles, 3x consecutive European wins (Ronnefalk, Boots) and 2x Worlds TQs a more balanced reflection. However have no doubt that Kanai is throwing everything at this year’s Worlds, having fixed a few small niggles (including the documented front arm weakness) as well as given it more than a facelift, according to the features list and sources, the step from ‘three to four’ is a lot more than a fancy new wing and body.

new kyosho wing stay

Whilst the majority of manufacturers would drip release compulsory ‘team’ options to sustain sales & cash flow, the TKI3 has aged gracefully, yet what we see before us is quite a bold – a drastic ‘boob job’, facelift, botox & lip fillers… ?

We think not… A more calculated move…

An early March release ensures that the most eager punters will hop on the bandwagon for the summer outdoor season (Someone’s gotta pay those bonuses if they win…! 😉 ) whilst others may stick with the trusted workhorse and renew in the winter… Watch out for those TKI3s on eBay!

A revamped front end with new ackermann, steering knuckles, new suspension holders as well as front and rear lower arms signal a geometry change, two words that may strike fear in the hearts of many a Kyosho fanboy but in their mighty leader Kanai-San… They Trust.

Yuichi Kanai REDS 2016

Standing in the TKI4’s (Kanai’s) way however is a quiet reserved Canadian… A winning machine, current holder of the 2nd title that eludes the MP9, and he seems pretty handy at that Vegas track… Winning both classes at the Sin City Encounter – no one knows what the future holds for Ty as an HPI / HB driver with the future of the company looking bleak, that said Kyosho have their own secret weapon… Young Riccardo Berton (he turns 17 in May), he’s more than held his own against more decorated team mates.

Lest we forget the list of other potential winners, including a certain Spencer Rivkin whose career has already sky rocketed whilst most were still calling him ‘the future’ – to paraphrase the UK’s Racer magazine – The Future is Now.