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Last weekend the 1/8th Nitro Off-Road Australian National Titles Round 1 was held at at NWRCCC down in Tasmania, Australia. This year the nationals has turned into a 3 round series instead of one national title, the events are spread over the year and are held at the start, middle and then the last round at the end of year to decide the overall national champion for all three rounds. Team Associated factory driver Kyle McBride will make a perfect race by taking the TQ and the victory in the Nitro Buggy and Nitro Truggy classes. This the final results:

Buggy A-Main:

  1. Kyle McBride (TQ) – Novarossi
  2. Craig Laughton – Novarossi
  3. Andrew Foord

Truggy A-Main:

  1. Kyle McBride (TQ) – Novarossi
  2. Josh Pain
  3. Craig Laughton – Novarossi