kyosho body

We’re loving the Kyosho news here at Neo! Can’t get enough of ’em!

We remarked in our first story about Kyosho’s answer to the lexan wing craze that we thought Yuichi Kanai might be testing a new body in addition to the confirmed new wing stay, the front windshield not quite resembling that we’ve become accustomed to over the years on the likes of Tebo, King, Boots & more recently Berton…

Bodyshell suspicions have been proved correct in the above shot, sent out as a press release celebrating Kanai’s 40+ win at the Sin City Race last weekend.

From this angle, the body has a more pronounced / steeper angle cab-forward interior – perhaps even elongated slightly, the rear of the sidepods however appears to be much more sculpted, ‘coke-bottle’ shaped and looks to sit lower and snugger (at least on the electrics side) – evident compared to the current body. There appears to be a new ‘bubble’ disguised as an air inlet – presumably to allow for servo throttle/brake linkage. Can you see anything else, leave a comment!