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HPI Racing introduces the Jumpshot SC and the Jumpshot ST 2wd Trucks. The Jumpshot SC is a short course racing truck with a modular, TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) chassis that’s easy to work. With front and rear ‘basher’ bumpers and oil-filled shocks, the Jumpshot SC is ready for the rigors of off-road bashing, plus all-terrain tires and waterproof electronics let you drive the truck just about anywhere. Ready for LiPo batteries, a standard NiMH battery and charger are included so you get driving right away.

The Jumpshot ST is a durable stadium truck. With its Savage-style TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) chassis and modular design, tough suspension and big tires, the truck is able to go just about anywhere. The Jumpshot ST has big oil-filled shocks, wide all-terrain tires, plus a tough double-wishbone suspension and waterproof electronics. You can use the standard NiMH battery included with the kit or a LiPo battery for extra power and runtime.

Jumpshot_SC_02 Jumpshot_ST_03 Jumpshot_ST_02 Jumpshot_ST_01