See: HB Europe

The class E-Buggy version of the HB D815 is ready! Our official sources tell us that the EV816 (that’s its internal code name) is a new 1/8 Off-Road concept, specifically designed for brushless power. It’s not just a brushless conversion kit for the nitro version, it’s a new platform.

To ensure optimal weight distribution and performance a new chassis design is required when using brushless power. The R&D team tested brushless conversion kits and was not fully satisfied with their performance. This delayed the release of the car, but HB only releases cars which represent the pinnacle of performance, no compromises are accepted. In 2015 David Ronnefalk achieved a top 3 result and the European Brushless Championships, using a simple brushless conversion kit, but a car specifically designed for brushless power represents an immense performance increase potential.

The drivetrain is similar to the D815, but what did HB improve on? What are the evolutions? What is hidden behind the futuristic looking body shell? Our next posts will give you more information, stay tuned!