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JQRacing has unveiled what they’re calling ‘the next evolution’ of their 1/8th nitro buggy, the White Edition LV kit.

The sum of all tests and brainstorming with the team has now a name: White Edition LV. Many things have changed and they are detailed here. Here is what Joseph said about his new creation:

“With the White Edition we had a good solid base to work from. We took what we had learned from the original car, and the Yellow Edition, and we created a good basic car, as well as we could. We intentionally included a lot of setup options, that people who don’t “get it” sometimes made fun of. We did this so that we could make all the tests we wanted to make, without having to produce so many prototypes.

Well, after 2 years with the WE, we now have the next evolution, the WE LV. As we learn to understand car dynamics, we improve and move forward, this is the next step…”

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What Changed?
The changes may be subtle, but they made a significant difference, and many of them are linked to each other. Compared to the original WE, the LV is more stable, more easy to drive, as well as a lot better when pushed hard. You can get away with more, and this inspires more confidence in the driver, resulting in improved lap times. The same way the WE was better than the YE, the LV is better than the original. The changes are less noticeable, but the difference on the track is definitely noticeable, both in feel and in the lap times.


Durability Improvements
We have addressed the main durability concerns with the original White Edition. The shock standoffs are no longer made out of recycled chewing gum, and don’t bend. We were almost bankrupted with ice creams last year, and have a long list of back orders. The diff issues explained above are gone (fingers crossed) thanks to the new diff housing insert. Finally, but unfortunately due to unfortunate circumstances, harder hinge pins, and softer hex pins, in order to avoid bending/breaking will be a running change implemented later on.