HB CFR3 neo

See: HB Europe

Neidhart SA, the owner & designer of the Team Orion brand and also the European distributor for HB (not HPI…yet!), it seemed only a matter of time before a collaboration hit the market.

And here it is… The HB nitro competition engine, HB CRF3. As the name clearly suggests, it is a 3-port racing engine with a crankshaft featuring the “CRF Technology”. It comes with the latest dual bearings of Swiss quality and with a large cooling head as the one used by David Ronnefalk at the last Euros. This first HB CRF3 Nitro engine benefits from years of development of Team Orion engine racing is priced at 239 €.

For more info, contact your local store or use the following address: hb@neidhart.com