Reedy International Off-Road Race podium

See: Team Orion

The 2016 Reedy International Off-Road Race of Champions was held this past weekend at OC R/C Raceway in beautiful Huntington Beach, California for its 3rd consecutive year. The Invitational class would again be limited to the 30 best qualified drivers from around the World. After all 6 rounds of Invitational 2wd Buggy were raced, Dustin Evans leading the way with 7 points. Dakotah Phend was just 1 point behind with 8 points. Ryan Maifield, Ryan Cavalieri, & Jared Tebo all were just 3 points out of the lead and in the hunt with 10 points.

The Championship would come down to the 6th and final round of 4wd Buggy between Team Orion’s Phend & Maifield, along with Team Associated’s Spencer Rivkin. Phend would be up first in the 2nd Invitational Heat. If Phend would Win this heat, he would secure the overall Championship. If he would finish 2nd, it would then allow Maifield & Rivkin the chance for the overall Championship. With all the pressure, Dakotah would go onto drive a completely flawless race to take the heat Win and secure his 1st Reedy Race Invitational Championship. Maifield would then go onto dominate heat #3 to take the Win and secure the 2nd position on the podium front Rivkin who takes the third position.

Invitational 2wd/4wd Buggy Overall Top 10:

  1. Dakotah Phend
  2. Ryan Maifield
  3. Spencer Rivkin
  4. Jared Tebo
  5. Steven Hartson
  6. Kody Numedahl
  7. Ryan Cavalieri
  8. Dustin Evans
  9. Lee Martin
  10. Kyle McBride

Reedy International Off-Road Race podium 2 Reedy International Off-Road Race Reedy International Off-Road Race stands