See: Vampire Racing

Vampire Racing already had a 2S all-black charging lead in 600mm configuration and now also they propose a shorter 400mm variant available. The charging harness comes pre-soldered with 4mm gold-plated bullet-type connectors and an XH balancer plug for the charger and stepped 4mm/5mm dual plugs and a 2mm balance connector for the battery side, which allows to charge 2S LiPo packs with 4mm and 5mm connector tubes without having to use adapters or a second charging lead. The stepped 4mm/5mm dual plugs are now also available as 2-piece or 10-piece packs to equip existing charge leads in order to make them future ready for the growing range of LiPo packs with 5mm tube connectors.

VR-5807 VR-5807-10