Last weekend the 4th annual GP of Lyon was held at Thurins near from Lyon, France. As in previous years Storm Team did a great job and prepared a beautiful track. In 2wd Lorenzo Crolla will manage to win both final runs of 8 minutes. In 4wd Crolla will take the overall TQ and won the 2 finals improving always the best time and best lap time.

2wd Result:

Lorenzo Crolla
  2. Renaud Savoya
  3. Stephane Deroch
  4. Riccardo Berton
  5. Jean-pierrick Sartel
  6. Armand Lanthaume
  7. Thomas Musso
  8. Vincent Meertens
  9. Julin Formentin
  10. Julian Ferrandis
  11. Thibault Berthier
  12. Kevin Seysen

4wd Result:

  1. Lorenzo Crolla
  2. Renaud Savoya
  3. Armand Lanthaume
  4. Vincent Meertens
  5. Thomas Musso
  6. Thomas Anger
  7. Jean-pierrick Sartel
  8. Julian Ferrandis
  9. Stephane Deroch
  10. Quentin Legall
  11. Patrick Auvinet
  12. Riccardo Berton

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