Slovakia Cup Rd4 podium 4wd


Last weekend the round 4 of the Slovakia Cup was hosted at the HUDY Arena in Trencin, Slovakia. It was a record-setting event in term of attendance with 140 drivers. In both off-road classes, 2wd and 4wd, there was fight between Hupo Honigl and Martin Bayer with Hupo TQed in 2wd and Martin in 4wd. Honigl will confirm its speed in qualifying and he will win all 3 mains from start to finish. In 4wd it was a hard fight between the 2 XRAY drivers. Honigl won the first main, Bayer won the second main, so the 3rd main was the show-down. Honigl will be lucky and he will take again the first place on podium.

1/10 off-road 2wd results:

  1. Hupo Honigl
  2.  Martin Bayer
  3. Juraj Hudy
  4. Max Gotzl
  5. Adam Izsay
  6. Igor Lipták
  7. Aleš Budovský
  8. Michal Nagy
  9. Deník Kubík
  10. Martin Rytíř

1/10 off-road 4wd results:

  1. Hupo Honigl
  2. Aleš Budovský
  3. Max Gotzl
  4. Juraj Hudy
  5. Martin Bayer
  6. Adam Izsay
  7. Roman Pavlus
  8. Petr Staňek
  9. Martin Rytíř
  10. Ondřej Kulhánek

Slovakia Cup Rd4 podium 2wd