Since the start of the year and subsequent announcement of Reno Savoya’s swift exit from HB/HPI, many questions are unanswered, a more positive one perhaps on the immediate future of Reno: which brand will succesfully woo the French star ?

With a little observation, luck and journalistic ambiguity, we might have stumbled on a lead. A main feature of professional drivers is their “corporate spirit”. They are paid and dedicated to the brand as long as they are employed. The attitude they have on racing days and also off the track tends to say a lot. In this regard, Facebook can be a blessing… if you know where to look.

Yesterday Italian TLR driver Marco Baruffolo won a race in Italy. His post was “liked” by a certain Reno Savoya (he has since removed the like) 😉. Not one of Barruffolo’s sponsors in common with Reno (unless a change is coming) TLR could be a possible sponsor for the Shark? What is your opinion?