v_podium 2WD


Last weekend was held the the third round of the XRAY Winter Series in Kolin, CZ. It was required to use slick wheels without pins for this race that mixed the electric on-road and off-road classes. Mikšovský Zdeněk will win in the 2wd and 4wd class and Kalenda František in the Short Course class.

Top 5 buggy 2wd 1/10:

  1. Mikšovský Zdeněk
  2. Kořínek Martin
  3. Götzl Max
  4. Beneš Jirka
  5. Končel Martin

Top 5 buggy 4wd 1/10:

  1. Mikšovský Zdeněk
  2. Götzl Max
  3. Kořínek Martin
  4. Kalenda Franta
  5. Beneš Jirka

Top 5 short course 1/10:

  1. Kalenda František
  2. Horáček Martin
  3. Polák Josef
  4. Losenický Aleš
  5. Halík Vojtěch

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