LFR wing 1

Leadfinger Racing pulls the trigger on the all-new 1/8 scale ‘Hammer’ wing! The first goal for the Leadfinger team was to ensure the new Lexan 1/8 ‘Hammer’ wing would stand up to hard crashes and of course look good. To make sure they got it right, 4 months of testing a developing went into the project. During that time they concluded that having ribbing created weak points and would crack the wing. By smoothing out the surface on the top of the wing, durability increased dramatically. The same theory was applied to the rear. By eliminating the bolt on wicker bill, no holes need to be drilled. Instead, LFR has created a built in wicker that is molded into the design so that you won’t be left looking for it when it is your turn to corner marshal. The last step was to make it look more characteristic to an 1/8 wing, and get away from the 1/10 look. This was accomplished by dropping the side dams which in turn helped to create the down force the LFR team was looking for.

LFR wing 2 LFR wing 3 LFR 1

In addition, LFR provides easy to see cut lines and added 4 dimples for a reaming tool. This will give you an easier starting point for your scissors. Center lines are also added to help line up to the wing mounts.

The new 1/8 ‘Hammer’ wings are sold in pairs, can be matched to your paint scheme, scuffed to your liking, or finished off with a wrap from your favorite sticker guy! Available now at www.leadfingerrc.com!