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The fifth round of Open Challenge series took place last weekend in Prague. With a very bad weather forecast everyone was expecting smaller amount of racers, but it was just the opposite with about 100 entries to the race.

In qualifications Kaja Novotny takes overall TQ in both classes. In finals Kaja Novotny has continues its domination and he won easily all finals in both classes + set the fastest laps in both classes. Second and third finished Milan Mudra (2nd) and Max Gotzl (3rd) in both classes, making double full podium for XRAY.

TOP 10 2wd:

  1. Kaja Novotny
  2. Milan Mudra
  3. Max Gotzl
  4. Vaclav Broz
  5. Jiri Benes
  6. Martin Koncel
  7. Jan Vild
  8. Nik Becvar
  9. Jindrich Jirak
  10. Marek Ornst

TOP 10 4wd:

  1. Kaja Novotny
  2. Milan Mudra
  3. Max Gotzl
  4. Frantisek Kalenda
  5. Jan Domansky
  6. Jiri Benes
  7. Jiri Garbaczewski
  8. Vaclav Broz
  9. Martin Koncel
  10. Jaroslav Petrovic

v_podium 4WD v_podium 2WD