HB/HPI have broken their silence as the ‘Savoya Saga‘ continues to intrigue readers, fuel message boards and conspiracy theorists, we were issued with the following short and blunt statement from official sources:

“HPI USA is ending the sponsoring contract of Mr Reno Savoya from the 11th of January 2016.  Mr Savoya no longer represents the brand image neither the interests of the HB brand from this date.”

The start of the second sentence, “Mr Savoya no longer represents the brand image….” and brevity of the statement comes across as quite direct & ruthless; naturally in contrast to Reno’s own statement which has elements of shock and surprise, “HB / HPI Racing has decided to terminate my contract prematurely without notice and for reasons unfounded in my opinion. >>>  I always spoke good about the company, my smile on the racetracks could attest it every day.” 

With respect to both parties involved, speculation as to further reasons may not be wholly appropriate, however cast your minds back to 12 months ago, and you may recall a certain Mr Drake was very hurriedly released from his duties at TLR/Horizon Hobby – Recognise anything ? Deja Vu ?

History has an uncanny penchant of repeating itself, might Savoya be tempted and Mugen Seiki persuaded to emulate his glory years again… ?