See: The Dirt

The 17th Annual The Dirt Nitro Challenge will take place from the 17th to 21st of February at the Fear Farm R/C Raceway in Phoenix, Arizona. After last years record breaking attendance (over 1,000. entries) the Dirt Crew have limited the entries this year. Last year the organizer was not fully prepared for the 300 plus influx of race day entries. It cut into the practice times and made for extremely long days. To avoid this, The Dirt crew have arranged for that will never happen again.

So, to address that challenge, we have set a 10pm apx. finish time ea night for the event. This will not only allow us to keep to a schedule but also provide time to enjoy the other activities that make the race such a fun place to be. To limit the entries we decided the most fair solution was to not allow multiple skill level entries. So, if you are expert, you must only sign up in the expert class. If you are sportsman, then only in sportsman and so on. No longer are there multiple skill level entries. This will limit the number of entries and allow us to finish at a scheduled time. We look forward to an amazing event and have a few new surprises for 2016!! Thank you for your continued support of the Nitro Challenge!!”