After the sudden split with SWORKz last year, 2x World Champion Atsushi Hara has kept a bit of a low profile, turning his attention back slightly to more onroad-led activities, however it seems the Japanese ace might be looking for a comeback once again – dusting off a Kyosho MP9 in time for the Camel Classic event in Kuwait, a car he’s had on a shelf for the past 3 years from the last time ‘he went privateer’; after he departed from HB.

It was an immediate success as Hara would TQ and win the 2013 C-Netic event in Indonesia infront of a highly-decorated field – a result that sent social media into a frenzy – fast forward two and a bit years and history has a habit of repeating itself, we linked Hara with Kyosho back then… but a move seemed unlikely despite Hara’s praise for MP9 designer Yuichi Kanai, calling him (the), “Best car designer!!!

With 2016 being a Worlds year and recent experience  of his stint with SWORKz not yielding desired results, might we see Hara attempt to woo the Kyosho bigwigs by running the car, if anything its another badge of honour for the MP9 that Hara would choose that car to go racing again with.

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