Savoya Leaves

HB/HPI Racing are seeing sweeping changes to their driver line up, the unexpected news of Drew Moller announcing an ‘RC Hiatus’ dwarfed by today’s shock headline of Reno Savoya’s contract termination barely more than a year into a four year deal.

With rumours already in full flow, Savoya chose to put out a personal statement on Facebook regarding the situation:

As rumors are going wild, I need to clear the situation…Indeed as of Monday, January 11th, HB / HPI Racing has decided to terminate my contract prematurely without notice and for reasons unfounded in my opinion. For the last 13 months now I had more fun than ever in my work, being part of a team that I appreciated greatly. The people, the products, the services, everything was perfect and I always spoke good about the company, my smile on the racetracks could attest it every day. I find myself today without employer with personnal projects and a family that will soon expand.

I decided to leave Team Orion because the performances and service no longer reached my expectations. My present breach of contract might be a collateral damage to my engine change… I want to thank everyone at HB / HPI Racing who welcomed me and helped me during these 13 months: Torrance Deguzman, Hiroyuki Kasuya, Ty and Gord Tessman, David and Pierre Ronnefalk…

I hope to see you soon on the tracks, because my passion is the same as you: R/C car racing.

UtH Reno Padova 2016 Nitro2 UtH Reno Padova 2016 Nitro5 Reno Savoya rejoint RC Concept Reno HB

Disecting the news, Savoya’s believes his recent switch from Orion to RC Concept influenced the sudden termination of contract – the back story is that there are strong links between Orion and Team HB / HPI Racing Europe via HB Europe as Orion is owned by Neidhart SA – who was very recently appointed as the European HPI distributor.

It would seem a stretch of reality should this turn out to be the sole reason for contract termination, Savoya eluding in his statement “reasons unfounded in my opinion” that there are probably other factors involved behind the scenes.