podium Buggy Top 3

It’s with dreadful winter weather in the UK the HNMC readied both tracks for Sundays Racing. Remarkably the dirt track was not too bad but with 50% chance of rain racing was moved to the Astro Turf track.
Qualifying was a three way fight between Karl Jackson, Jamie Clancy and Simon Reeves with Simon Reeves taking top honours on TQ in round 3. Truggy TQ Peter Bird and E-buggy TQ Simon Reeves.

Buggy Top 3:

  1. Karl Jackson
  2. Simon Reeves
  3. Jamie Clancy

Truggy Top 3:

  1. Peter Bird
  2. Charlie Webb
  3. Bailey Webb

E-Buggy Top 2:

  1. Simon Reeves
  2. Ian Fuller

podium Truggy top 3 podium e-buggy