Drew Moller announced on Facebook that he is now no longer sponsored by HB/HPI Racing after a year spent with the factory team, however ‘Drew Mo’ also went on to say that he would be putting his RC Racing career ‘on hold’, focusing on other life priorities:

“A lot has changed in my life in the last year. I graduated high school and started my first semester of college. Traveling and racing on top of being a full time college student is easier said than done. At this time I would like to announce that I am no longer sponsored by HB/HPI Racing.

School is my priority in life right now and I want to focus all of my energy on that. I would like to thank Tatsuro Watanabe, Hiroyuki Kasuya, Torrance Deguzman, the Tessman Family, and the rest of the HB team for their hard work and hospitality over the past year. I hope to see everyone soon!”