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Last weekend the CML Off Road Masters 2016 french edition was held at Louvres, near from Paris. Friday was dedicated to free practice, saturday for 4wd and sunday for 2wd. Lorenzo Crolla will take the TQ winning 2 of 3 qualifications in 4wd class. Starting 1st on the grid in front of Nico Risser he wins all the 3 A finals and won the 4wd race. In 2wd class Ludovic “Valdo” Valtier will win the race. He is followed by Lorenzo Crolla and Stéphane Deroch.

Final result 4WD:

  1. Crolla Lorenzo
  2. Sartel Jean-Pierrick
  3. Deroch Stephane
  4. Briere Mathieu
  5. Maquel Tom
  6. Valter Romain
  7. Geneau Jean-Baptiste
  8. Robert Raphaël
  9. Robertson Keith
  10. Guerbois François
  11. Legall Quentin
  12. Risser Nicolas

Final result 2WD:

  1. Valtier Ludovic
  2. Crolla Lorenzo
  3. Deroch Stephane
  4. Valter Romain
  5. Merteens Vincent
  6. Robert Raphaël
  7. Briere Mathieu
  8. Ferrandis Julian
  9. Jaqueloot Thibault
  10. Seysen Kevin
  11. Maquel Tom
  12. Risser Nicolas

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